Suzuki Ha Karate Do

Welcome to the home of Suzuki Ha Karate Do

Suzuki Ha Wado Ryu Karate was created by Eleni Labiri-Suzuki Sensei to keep alive and make it available to everyone who wishes to learn the teaching of her late husband Tatsuo Suzuki Hanshi. It is authentic Wado Ryu karate as developed and registered by Hironori Otsuka Meijin. These techniques follow the teachings of Hironori Otsuka, the founder of Wado Ryu karate. They were taught by him to Tatsuo Suzuki and subsequently Tatsuo Suzuki taught them to Eleni Suzuki

Eleni Suzuki (7th Dan) is the most experinced and knowledgeble Wado Ryu practitioner of all Wado Ryu practitioners who learnt from Suzuki Sensei, with the lineage of being taught directly by her husband, who himself was taught directly by Hironori Otsuka Meijin. Eleni first met and trained with Suzuki Sensei in 1986 when she was a brown belt. She followed him around Europe and from 1994 she lived with him and then, until his death in 2011, she practiced with him almost every day

Suzuki Ha Karate Do welcomes any individual or club karate student who wishes to practice, train and learn traditional Wado Ryu karate

The creation of Suzuki Ha Karate Do by Eleni Suzuki is to keep it alive and spread Wado Ryu karate as taught to her by her late husband Tatsuo Suzuki Sensei