Eleni Labiri Suzuki

Eleni Labiri-Suzuki, 6th dan wado-ryu karate was born on 24th January 1963 in Chalandritsa, Achaia, Greece. She is best known as the wife of Tatsuo Suzuki sensei 8th dan Hanshi. Eleni started karate in Argostoli, Kefalonia in May 1984, attaining her 1st Dan in 1988. (the 3rd bottom left on the photo - Kefalonia, April 1986)

She was awarded her 6th Dan by Tatsuo Suzuki in 2009.

All of her Dan grades were awarded by Suzuki Sensei personally.

She is acclaimed and recognised formally as a Top Instructor in the UK

Eleni trained directly with her future husband who she married on 22nd April 1997. She participated in private training with him of 3 hours per day, 5 days a week, for 17 years (1994-2011). Between 1987 and 2011 she travelled worldwide with her husband participating in and assisted him at international training courses and seminars. Her training with her husband continued until his death in 2011 and she can lay claim to unequalled technical and teaching credentials.

Eleni now lives in Argostoli Greece, and travels to wherever she is invited to carry out seminars. She is always available for private tuition in person or online. Any interested person, club or organisation should feel free to contact her directly.

Grades awarded

1st dan April 1988
2nd dan November 1989
3rd dan February 1993
4th dan August 1998
5th dan December 2003
6th dan September 2009